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Our Pyramids are made of natural material ie. Wood. The exact geometric construction of the Pyramid is based on mathematics invoving two irrational numbers Pi & Phi.
Pyramids are storehouses of energy drawn from the universe. Experiments conducted with pyramids have revealed the following:-

Preservation: Food and beverages kept under a Pyramid acquire added flavour & are preserved longer.Used razors get sharpened, acts as a room freshner, foul smells disappear.

Healing: Wounds, boils, bruises heal quicker. .Pyramid energized water helps digestion, gives the skin a healthy & youthful glow. Drink pyramid energized water and feel the positive energy flowing through your system.

Meditation: Increases the intensity of Meditation. Results show higher alpha wave amplitude on people who meditated using a Pyramid. We have 2 feet hanging meditation pyramids.

Suggested Colours: To energise use Red,Orange, purple or pink.under your bed, positioned so that it would be under your solar plexus. You will wake up full of energy & your mind sharp & clear. Blue for healing, Green for Love, Yellow for Intuition.

A new addition to our range of Pyramids is “The Pyramid Cash Box”. This has the extra feature of an internal mirror base that creates a major multiplier effect on energies. Place some coins , preferably one or more of the strong currencies of the world, and any other item that symbolizes wealth. This will help to improve cash flow when kept in the house.

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