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Spiritual and New Age Music
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We have our own music label Ostara Music. We Retail, Wholesale and Distribute our music on Audio Cd’s . Our New Age & Spiritual music can be broadly categorized into:

Relaxation: A Festival Of Joy, The Orient is Alive, A Feather Dances, Brindavan, Echoes from Eternity, Arrows to the Heart, Feel the Divine.

Healing: The Healing Forest, Soham.

Meditation : Enchanting Divine,The Healing Forest.

Spiritual Upliftment: Bhajans ( Hindu Religious songs/hymns) , Chants, and albums for Spiritual Upliftment. The albums : The Divine is, Amrit Anubhava, A Dip in the Divine, Looking at the Light, Journey to God, Hari Om, Soham, Kanha, Manjari, .Sathya Sai Bhajanavali (9 vols). Ten albums for Spiritual Upliftment by Dana Gillespie ( from U.K.) – One to One, Inner View, Dream On, Universal Bhajans, Sacred Space, Sing Out (Fusion of western music & bhajans), Songs of Love, Mirrors of Love, In the Garden of Heavenly Peace & Love the Love ( English).

Our Artistes include some of the leading names from India such as Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Rakesh Chaurasia, Pravin Godkhindi , Mukti ( Kenneth Desouza), Sangeeta Katti & Vijay Sai.

Our Label Ostara Music was chosen by India’s National Carrier “Air India” for their Spiritual channel.

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